Stocks to Watch Out For in 2024

In the backdrop of economic complexities marked by inflationary waves and the looming prospects of diminishing interest rates, the ASX unveils itself as a marketplace demanding keen investor attention in 2024. 

The desire for investors to counterbalance inflation’s impact and anticipate potential interest rate shifts warrants a strategic focus on stock selections in the new year – a compelling reason for investors to reevaluate their portfolios.

Step into the new year with these ASX gems in mind that we have compiled for you to watch out for over the next 12 months. We have handpicked a diverse selection of ASX stocks that may serve to hedge against inflation surges or interest rate fluctuations, and also some growth opportunities that might see an increase in value over the next year. 

4 Stocks to Watch Out For This Year

Telstra Group Limited (TLS:ASX)

With its established foothold as a leading telecommunications provider in Australia, Telstra Group Limited remains in a promising position to capitalise on the ever-evolving digital landscape. HALO Technologies has provided a full break down of TLS’s stock performance, here you can see for yourself the benefits of watching Telstra shares over the next year. 

The company’s commitment to expanding its 5G network and accelerating digital transformation positions it at the forefront of technological advancement. Also, Telstra’s strategic divestments and restructuring initiatives showcase a proactive approach toward improving operational efficiency and thus maximising shareholder value. 

Its strong dividend history and stable cash flows provide an attractive investment proposition for income-seeking investors. As the demand for digital solutions continues to surge, Telstra’s potential to leverage these trends for sustained growth makes its shares a perhaps undervalued, prospect for investors in the ASX in 2024.

Scentre Group (ASX:SCG)

Scentre Group, renowned for its ownership of prominent Westfield shopping centres spread across Australia and New Zealand, is positioned to capitalise on potential interest rate decreases in the upcoming year. 

The anticipated decline in rates could translate into increased disposable income for households, potentially directing more spending towards retail outlets within Scentre’s expansive shopping complexes. 

Consequently, this surge in revenue could bolster the underlying value of Scentre Group. Beyond this prospect, Scentre Group holds an appealing investment proposition through its robust distribution yield. 

Although a large business, Scentre Group is often overlooked by investors as the obvious choice, which is why we think you should keep a close eye on their shares in 2024. 

CSL Limited (ASX:CSL)

Amidst the diverse options to choose from on the ASX, CSL shares stand out as hidden gems, primarily due to their position within the rising biotech sector. 

CSL has carved a niche for itself, renowned globally for its prowess in developing and delivering cutting-edge plasma therapies and vaccines. This specialisation has not only bolstered its standing but also fortified the company against market volatility. 

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, CSL’s strategic global presence positions it favourably to meet the escalating demands for innovative medical solutions. 

Plus, CSL’s unwavering commitment to research and development underscores its dedication to staying ahead in a competitive market, hinting at sustained growth potential. 

Investors eyeing stability and long-term value will appreciate CSL’s dedication to pioneering healthcare advancements – making its shares an understated yet compelling investment opportunity on the ASX in 2024.

Treasury Wine Estates (ASX:TWE)

After its underperformance in 2023, Treasury Wine Estates is positioned as a potential rebound candidate in 2024, offering investors a plausible opportunity to profit from this.

The prospect of a resurgence in 2024 is gaining traction, especially with the potential uplift from China potentially removing its wine tariffs, thereby stimulating Treasury Wine’s growth trajectory. 

Additionally, the recent acquisition of a high-margin luxury wine brand in the United States positions the company for strategic expansion and heightened profitability. 

As global conditions evolve Treasury Wine Estates holds the potential to regain its momentum and revitalise its position within the market, presenting itself as an investment option on the ASX that may well be the 2024 hidden gem you’re searching for.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, truly undervalued stocks can only be identified by an investor with a keen eye for subtle market fluctuations that have large consequences and enough knowledge to predict whether a company has true growth potential. But here we have outlined some stocks that we think might be overlooked in 2024 – a fact that you can use to your advantage by investing now. However, before you do, conduct your own thorough research and evaluation of your financial goals and risk appetite. 

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