The 9th Raider Movie
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Post apocalyptic movie, “The 9th Raider,” taps the ARK ecosystem to show how the world could depend on blockchain technology in the foreseeable future. , a blockchain development company, was leveraged in the 9th Raider to build out a real model for surviving and advancing in a future where blockchain takes over.

ARK & The 9th Raider

According to a recent press release, a post-apocalyptic movie has partnered with to show viewers how blockchain technology can transform the future world in various applications. “The 9th Raider” is filming this fall, and will display how disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain can fundamentally change the way people live on a daily basis.

With blockchain offering the most transparent way to record and store information, “The 9th Raider” envisions a future where deploys blockchain applications to handle digital currency, and everyday necessities like fresh supplies and resources. Inventory and supply chain control would be interconnected with the ARK blockchain. Old world money would be converted to ARK coins, the companies native cryptocurrency. New era communication would be facilitated through ARK with encrypted code.

The 9th Raider
Source: The 9th Raider Twitter

According to the announcement, “The 9th Raider” takes place in the year of 2037. During this time, there are 8 different apocalyptic events that hit the earth. While various tribes fight to survive, infrastructure is the only thing that remains. With this being said, each tribe will fight and die in an attempt to take control of, which would be essential for human survival.

the 9th raider
Source: The 9th Raider

This is not the first time that a movie is foreshadowing a macro shift in human interaction. Movies like Star Wars and Star Trek are perfect examples. A while back, Star Wars pictured a world where plasma rocket technology was relevant. Since then, scientists are making this come to fruition. Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek was also a visionary of flip phones. The Motorola flip phone then surfaced decades later. Emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI are already making their way into everyday applications, and “The 9th Raider” is mapping out a future where next gen blockchain providers like reconstruct daily life.

M Digital Studios are the producers behind the movie. They have been involved in producing content for over 10 years. Their programs have been watched by viewers on CBS, ABC, Fox Sports, Direct TV, Dish, Time Warner Cable, Cox Cable, USA Television network affiliates, SKY TV. The three main divisions they operate are motion pictures, digital tv, and media & branding.

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