JokerManor, A GameFi And DeFi Aggregator, Launches New Staking Opportunities

During the pandemic and worldwide lockdown, the popularity of computer games surged substantially, promoting the creation of the GameFi technology sector, which blends amusement with actual instruments for generating money. In addition, using blockchain solutions allows players to earn tokens for doing activities, which they can use to buy artifacts, pump heroes, or swap for other cryptocurrencies.

With time, it has become clear that gaming is a massive industry and an exciting and incredibly fast-paced one. Today, it is home to some of the world’s top corporations, which have captured the majority of the market share.

JokerManor is another platform ready to pounce on this opportunity and capitalize on the interest the crypto community has been showing to GameFi. 

Joker Manor DeFi

JokerManor is looking to fuel adoption via Joker Manor DeFi. As of December 1st, users can add liquidity on the platform and engage in staking in DeFi pools. In doing so, digital asset enthusiasts can earn JKT ( the platform’s native token ).

Users can either start for free, or they can upgrade to enhance their benefits long-term. Through Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers, users can upgrade and increase overall computing power from their invitees. More information on upgrade tiers can be found on the project’s website. For those looking for direction, JokerManor shared a post on Twitter with step-by-step guidance. 

What Is JokerManor?

JokerManor is a GameFi Aggregator and Launchpad with several value-added DeFi features that add value to the community. Thus, making it more inclusive, integrated, and focused, allowing players to earn rewards and assets (NFTs) by playing their favorite games in the metaverse and increasing their revenue through liquidity mining and yield farming.

Furthermore, as JokerManor expands, so will brand visibility, marketing, advertising, and public exposure for all brands and games within the ecosystem. There is also an opportunity within the ecosystem to purchase items or services directly through the platform. However, gamers must first link a BSC network-compatible wallet, explore their favorite Metaverse games and begin playing.

The Ecosystem of JokerManor GameFi-  verse

The JokerManor ecosystem is made up of and revolves around five main components. The components are metaverse, NFTs, Brand Exposure and Marketing, Aggregator Solutions, Launchpad Assistance, and Accelerator Services. JokerManor will strive to help and ease the creation and incubation of our games and welcome other prominent GameFi projects to launch within the JokerManor ecosystem.


The phrase “metaverse” refers to shared virtual world settings that anyone may access through the internet or gaming. Land in the JokerManor ecosystem will have a real-world feel. It will be available for users and players to buy, gather, develop, sell, and trade. The ownership will be safeguarded on the blockchain, making it tamper and fraud-resistant. All transactions will be done using JokerManor’s in-game currency JKT. The community will be able to construct, develop, purchase, and sell their land and create on virtual sites within and surrounding the game’s metaverse.


JokerManor NFTs enable users and gamers to earn NFTs items that have already been minted and listed within the JokerManor Marketplace. The process is straightforward; you play the game, earn NFTs, and sell it on the marketplace, allowing users to benefit from monetary rewards for their value add. Furthermore, JokerManor NFT enables users or gamers to develop, purchase, and sell their unique digital assets (collections and items), including Digital Art, Real Estate, Memes, Pets, and Collectibles.

Brand Exposure

Marketing in the metaverse, also known as JokerManor Brands, refers to advertising to customers in the future version of the internet that is entirely focused within and for the online or virtual reality environment. This new phenomenon has lately been referred to as one of the most significant possibilities for large and small businesses. It will allow brands to expand their reach, exposing their products and services to a marketplace and community that is tech-literate and eager, and prepared to purchase.

Aggregator, Launchpad, and Incubator

The JokerManor Aggregator is a one-stop software solution that combines thousands of games from various and prominent game creators into a single package, assisting in creating world-class gaming portfolios and scaling current business operations. JokerManor Aggregator is the most efficient and effective approach for modest and attractive game producers to expand their distribution scale and breadth, particularly among the top operators.

Launchpad and Incubator, on the other hand, is best described as a blockchain-focused gaming incubator and launchpad ecosystem. It helps empower innovators and developers by providing access to existing funding, community, and partnership building resources, including an entire support system. The JokerManor Launchpad and Incubator also seek to build on the existing enthusiasm of the players and, by utilizing blockchain technology, take the games to whole new heights.

JokerManor: GameFi Income

GameFi has a total supply of 400 million JKT (40 percent). JokerManor is a free-to-play metaverse where users may make money by playing. JKT will also be utilized to independently launch, incubate, and build games, which will then be published online and inside the current JokerManor ecosystem. JokerManor will also collaborate with top GameFi projects to make earning enjoyable while creating an entirely inclusive and integrated JokerManor ecology and environment.

JokerManor: Play to Earn Feature

Play to Earn is critical to the JokerManor model and overall ecosystem because it allows users and or players to earn money incentives and prizes. Still, it also allows this to be done to pay players for their value and time spent participating within the ecosystem. Users may earn rewards via two methods at JokerManor: The first is via playing various games on the site, and the second is by staking inside LP pools. Players may also invite friends, where JokerManor offers a very sophisticated referral scheme that allows them to receive cash incentives and privileges if their invitees stake.

JokerManor: Current and Future Plans

The GameFi industry is continually growing, resulting in new forms of assets that may be utilized both within the gaming platform and as an investment and trading instrument. Today, GameFi tokens may generate significant revenue, and holding coins lets users participate in platform administration and affect the company’s future. The number of GameFi token holders is continually expanding, as is the market capitalization. The GameFi sector might be worth more than $200 billion by next year.

Token Listings

Furthermore, JokerManor’s growth has been tremendous in the past few months. JokerManor has already launched on decentralized exchanges, such as PanCakeSwap. Next up on their target is listing the JKT token on a combination of centralized and decentralized exchanges. Just a few days ago, the team announced a $JKT token listing on Biconomy Exchange ( trading pair JKT/USDT )

Metaverse Blockchain Gaming

Finally, JokerManor is working on launching a massive meta-universe game in Q1 of 2022. In doing so, the project will continue to seek partnerships with popular GameFi, Blockchain, and tokenized projects in Q4 of this year to solidify its metaverse ecosystem. According to social media, there could be some developments this month around a new game available to the public. 

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