Hey Coin establishes itself as a decentralized platform and strives to build a healthy/friendly community. Twitter is the #1 social media platform for Crypto users/investors/enthusiasts and people utilize hashtags & $’s in front of their projects as methods of sharing their favorite decentralized applications/projects. $Hey utilized by the crypto world to start communicating with a formal $Hey through Twitter. It is a good form of organic marketing & is a lot more fun & interesting than the average Twitter community.

To start with formal Hey while the users/investors/enthusiasts are creating communications and build a community to start spreading the word. Whenever someone is replying to a message, starting the conversation with “hey” is an ideal greeting & just throwing the dollar sign in front of it makes it so unique! $Hey is a good way to get the  name out in the space and it is just so simple/organic that anyone can say it. Complexity isn’t the project plan, the  mission is to form a friendly community around $Hey and bring back classic meme slang!

Contact person name: Heythan Nakamoto

Webmail: info@Heycoin.co

Website URL :https://heycoin.co/

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