A popular YouTuber alleges that YouTube blocked him from streaming recently. In December, there was a heated discussion in the crypto community after YouTube purged all crypto-related videos from the platform. It would appear that the platform is doing it once more.

YouTuber Blocked from YouTube

According to a tweet by Davinci, a popular YouTuber in the crypto community, he received a strike after his latest live stream. Since then, he has not been able to upload any more videos to his channel. In the tweet, he called on his followers to help get the attention of the YouTube team. This way, he could have access to his YouTube channel restored.

Is YouTube Still Going After Crypto?

In December, YouTube started giving strikes to YouTubers and removing content that mentioned crypto. It went as far as deleting accounts associated with crypto videos. Almost the entire crypto community was affected. However, after much uproar from the crypto community, YouTube rescinded the decision and claimed that the removals were done erroneously.

However, the tweet by Davinci would suggest that YouTube has not yet resolved the glitch. Davinci himself claims that the removal was an error and he expects YouTube to restore his channel. However, by the time of writing this article, YouTube had not restored his channel.

Support from the Crypto Community

Davinci tweeted that he had received quite a lot of support from the crypto community so far, although YouTube has yet to restore his channel. During the initial purge, the community expressed a lot of support for those that were affected and this forced YouTube to take note of the error.

It could be Happening Again

YouTube, which is owned by Google, could still go on with the purge. The fact that it did it once quite swiftly shows that it can do it in the future if it wanted. In fact, the last purge might not have been a mistake but a dry run for the eventual ban on crypto content in the future. It is worth noting that Google already has a ban in place for all crypto advertising. It took this decision due to the proliferation of fake ICO projects that were fleecing investors around 2018.

The December 2019 removal shows just how much power YouTube and other mainstream content platforms have over the crypto community. This is why many in the crypto community are so supportive of decentralized platforms such as Brave. Such platforms help to place power in the hands of content creators instead of a centralized system. Even PewDiePie, who is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, recently announced that he is moving to DLive, the decentralized streaming platform.

However, not everyone in the crypto community is supportive of full decentralization. Some feel that regulation is necessary. This is especially so since there are so many scammers operating in the crypto space who take advantage of newbies to fleece them of their money.

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