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The COOLLAUNCH team is set to announce the commencement date for its token PRE-SALE, with the seed-sale finishing rapidly. The team revealed that Coollaunch is the first decentralised IDO Launchpad on the Cardano ecosystem, is set to onboard more early adopters in the coming Pre-sale which will kick off in less than 24 hours.Coollaunch is a Cardano-based platform and a project accelerator, designed to lever-age DeFi innovations in stepping up fundraising For Crypto, NFT and metaverse projects On the Cardano Ecosystem.The team is very pleased with the response thus far by the Crypto community. As revealed in their last AMA, the achievement of our Roadmap is coming off even earlier than planned, with many exciting technical updates and partnerships to be announced in the coming weeks.Presale TimelineThe Presale will take place on Thursday 10th February 2022 @12pm UTCOnce the pre-sale starts, users will be able to view the pre-sale address to send ADA to on the COOLLAUNCH Sales Portal.Please beware of scammers and don’t trust any link posted outside the official Sales Page or the Telegram Announcement Channel Or Pinned In TheDiscussion Group!Details about the pre-salePre-Sale Date:10th February 2022Pre-Sale Allocation:52,500,000 COOL Tokens Price1 $COOL = 0.0022 ADA Min/Max Contribution Min — 100 ADA Max — 30000 ADASupported wallets$COOL token is a Cardano native token, so users can participate by sending ADA to the pre-sale address using any Cardano Supported wallets which include but not limited to the following below.Yoroi WalletDaedalus WalletAdalite WalletNami WalletTwitter: DetailsCompany Name: CoolLaunchContact Name: Louis TremblayEmail: louis@coollaunch.ioWebsite:

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