5 NFT Artists Moving The Crypto Art Community
Image Source: Unsplash

There are different admirable qualities about cryptocurrency that have endeared many people, with flexibility and versatility being among those qualities. These qualities have contributed to the seamless adoption of crypto by various sectors and industries. Cryptocurrency has also made it possible for other crypto-related technological innovations to surface. One of such innovations is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and it is causing disruptions especially in the creative arts industry. With the aid of NFTs, different artists have found ways to make money with their arts, and it has been quite lucrative.

NFTs In Simple Terms

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTS) are digital certificates that validate the ownership of digital art. These digital certificates are in the form of blockchain-based tokens that have a unique value attached to the digital art. Artists have found a way to combine tech and art through NFTs, and are making millions of dollars from it.

5 Artists That Have Earned From NFTs


Beeple is a digital artist and graphic designer. His real name is Mike Winkelmann, and part of his portfolio includes creating visuals for Nicki Minaj, Eminem, etc. His Flying Lotus graphical creation is also popular in different parts of the world. The South Carolina-based digital artist has earned more than $22 million through NFTs.


3LAU is a popular musician and producer known for his EDM music productions. Justin Blau made more than $11.6 million within 3 days. He sold a special collection of his songs. This collection was made up of 33 different NFTs, which included special edition physical vinyl, unreleased music, and distinctive experiences.

Trevor Jones Art

An artist that specializes in amazing drawings and paintings, Trevor Jones has been working on his art for about 6 years. In February, he sold his Bitcoin Angel art for $3.2 million. In total, he has sold more than $9.7 million worth of art through NFTs. The Bitcoin Angels art is still available on the secondary market. Despite it recently selling for $3 million, the highest bid right now is only $16K.

Mad Dog Jones

His real name is Michah Dowbak, and his success as an NFT artist has gotten him a partnership with deadmau5. Mad Dog Jones has received more than $8.6 million from NFT auctions.


There is some mystery surrounding the real identity of this artist. Interestingly, Elon Musk is interested in what PAK has to offer, as they follow each other on Twitter. PAK has made more than $7.15 million from NFTs, and has inked a partnership with Sotheby’s. PAK is behind the “Archillect” Twitter account that caters to 2M+ followers. By leveraging AI algorithms, the social media account scrapes the internet for trendy visuals.

Artists, Content Creators and NFTs

It is intriguing to see the convergence of cryptocurrency and art. With the pandemic, it has been difficult for artists to organize art exhibitions around the globe. Furthermore, NFTs are taking away the entry barrier for so many artists who are looking to sell their work.

Content creators may also find NFTs interesting. For instance Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey made about $2.9 million from auctioning Twitter’s first-ever Tweet. Other artists are earning big through NFTs including Hackatao, Fewocious, Bosslogic, Micah Johnson, Slimesunday, and many others.

Are you going to put your creative juice to good artistic use? Who knows, you could just be the next Beeple.

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