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Crypto has become one of the most popular topics in the whole world. And the reason is pretty simple: it is an industry that brings a great way of investing and winning some assets, along with an innovative technology that intrigues more and more users.   

However, with such great popularity comes one big downside too. The crypto industry, and especially crypto enthusiasts, are pretty exposed to fake news, and sometimes it is hard to decide whether a post is legitimate or not.   

In this article, we will talk about the best 5 sources for crypto news so that you are prepared to analyze any event you might see about the crypto industry.  

What Is Crypto?  

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency developed and secured through a technology called cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit it. Most of the time, cryptocurrencies work as decentralized networks and are based on blockchain technology.   

Such decentralized networks and various specialized platforms allow users to transact cryptocurrency in a safe, secure, and almost anonymous way, from their computers or smartphones, at any time.  

Yet, to keep up with this emerging technology it is essential to follow the market’s direction. And to do that, you need reliable news sources. 

Why Should You Look for Crypto News? 

Crypto is a field that is constantly and extraordinarily rapidly changing. There are many events that can influence the path of a cryptocurrency, and crypto enthusiasts should know about them as soon as possible.  

The main reason for that is that cryptocurrencies’ prices can fluctuate very easily based on the latest news in the world. Thus, those transacting crypto regularly may want to be up to date with what happens in the industry and not only.  

5 Best Sources for Crypto News 

Your news source isn’t just a website. It is a platform in the cryptocurrency area that showcases essential topics for its users. Following this train of thought, we will refer to: 

  • Crypto Exchanges 
  • Crypto News Websites 
  • Crypto Niche Websites 
  • Social Media Posts 
  • Crypto Groups


1. Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges are one of the most transparent sources that can tell you more about how various cryptocurrencies are behaving. Based on the price data and other factors such as the trading volume and the market capitalization, crypto investors can have a better understanding of how a specific cryptocurrency has evolved during a set period of time.   

Furthermore, such information can help users decide whether a certain asset is worth considering for an investment at the moment, but only when the crypto exchange is trustworthy.   

On the other hand, generally, crypto exchanges are centralized organizations, and you should not rule out the possibility that the platform may attempt at some point to shape the information for its own benefit. 

2. Crypto News Websites  

Crypto news websites are the platforms that are always the first to break the news to crypto investors worldwide.   

The posts found on crypto news websites are usually quite short, as they tell you exactly what you need to know at a specific time based on the major events going on in the industry. Moreover, many crypto news websites organize their content based on some pillars. This way, you can easily find what you are looking for if you have one primary interest at that time.   

There are numerous crypto news websites, but keep in mind that many are moderated by amateurs, and the information often needs to be verified. 

3. Crypto YouTubers 

Crypto YouTubers provide their viewers with an audio-visual format for presenting the latest news. Some prominent YouTube channels employ entire teams to research topics and follow the news. 

And they come in handy when you don’t necessarily have the time to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the crypto market. But the most significant advantage is that the events are usually correlated with other news through commentaries that can give you a better big picture of the market. 

Yet, it would be best if you always took everything they say with a grain of salt, maybe more. Although some channels do an amazing job, you should not assume that the editor was entirely neutral. Besides, there are even major channels that would spread misinformation to fit their sponsors. 

4. Social Media Posts 

Social media has always been a good and efficient way of delivering the news, and it keeps on being so. Be it Facebook or Twitter, you can choose the accounts to follow to get the latest information almost in real-time, even before it makes the news. 

For crypto traders, social media posts can give them an edge to sell or buy before the market can go in one direction or another.  

On the other hand, social media is notorious for proliferating fake news. And investing based on what somebody says online without taking the time to verify the info, is comparable to betting on the news that has yet to come out. 

5. Crypto Groups 

Besides the social media posts, you may also want to try being part of a crypto group. There are many platforms on which crypto enthusiasts, including Telegram, Discord, or Reddit, choose to create a group. In these groups, you’ll find communities of crypto enthusiasts that discuss and share rumors with one another. 

But be careful, as these groups are often targeted by scammers impersonating admins or sharing sketchy links. 

Final Thoughts 

Like in other industries, crypto comes with tremendous news and updates. However, it is important to have channels you can trust at any time.   

With the crypto industry growing extremely fast, there are many sources investors can check when they want to learn the latest news. Besides them, the best 5 sources may be crypto exchanges, crypto news websites, crypto YouTubers, social media posts, and crypto groups.   

Regardless of your channels, we hope your decisions will always have the best outcome.

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