The Days of OnlyFans Are Over - ONLYCAM is Here to Tackle The Issues Faced by Adult Content Creators...


New platform promises to make content creators the top priority.

Kingstown, St. Vincent, Dec. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain WireOnlyCam is breaking down barriers in the online adult entertainment industry by making content more accessible, reliable, and more fun for both creators and consumers. In recent times, NSFW content creators have faced a myriad of issues including censorship, lack of copyright laws, cultural and regulatory challenges, intermediaries, and lack of payment platforms. OnlyCam provides accessible and straightforward solutions to all these issues for its creators and aims to provide a new and exciting online experience for both creators and consumers.

Here’s how OnlyCam will take each of these issues:


 Adult content creators are subject to many censorships that mainstream actors do not encounter. Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram prohibit sexually explicit content, which puts a limit on the earning of creators by blocking their access to these revenue streams. Censorship can result in creators being banned from platforms sits altogether and being unable to work. Not only this, but it also creates instability for content creators. By announcing they would exit the industry and no longer allow explicit content, OnlyFans caused many content creators to be out of work. OnlyFans have also censored content they may not agree with, for no reason other than personal preference. OnlyCam gives its performers a safe and reliable platform where creative freedom is encouraged. Performers can work without the worry of censorship through working with an inclusive, non-discriminatory platform, where content is never censored.

 Copyright Ownership

Adult creators and performers are always denied copyright to their work. This prevents them from selling their work by themselves and prevents the adult content producers and actors from receiving royalties from others using it.

 Our NFT solution provides the copyright to the creator for their adult content and ensures the content belongs to the adult content creator or performer. Since the content will belong to the content creators and performers, they will also receive royalties for every usage and every sale of the content. The creator is provided with more autonomy as they can directly sell/mint/repurpose their content.

Intermediaries & Lack of Payment Platforms 

The biggest issue facing adult performers is its unfair pay, where larger production companies take most of the revenue, and only a small percentage goes to the performers. There is also a lack of payment platforms available on most large NSFW content sites, meaning performers do not have freedom in how to access their earnings. OnlyCam provides solutions to both issues by introducing their $ONLY payment token. By using the $ONLY token, there is little gas fee. OnlyCam will offer a gateway through that will allow creators and customers to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and other stable coins as well as fiat for $ONLY. This means more money goes directly to the creators by using a straightforward transaction method. It also ensures creators access their earnings in a new and unique way which allows them to take control of their finances.

About OnlyCamOnlyCam is an online NFSW entertainment ecosystem that is revolutionising the way content is consumed. OnlyCam aims to tackle the big issues faced by the adult industry by providing sustainable, and profitable solutions, for both content creators and consumers.

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