NFT2Metaverse, a platform as a service company, has announced that users can provide a wide range of digital art and products in the NFT2Metaverse ecosystem as a seller. In addition, users will also be able to purchase unique NFTs with utility in the respective metaverse as consumers. These NFTs will include accessories, clothing, and different avatars.

The project’s whitepaper states that it hopes to become the OpenSea of the Metaverse by supporting the rapidly growing Metaverse with its platform. By making it easy for designers to post their digital art on the marketplace, the project aims to help them gain exposure for their work. In addition to this, NFT2Metaverse aims to help designers, set up smart contracts, mint NFTs, list their projects, and transfer their projects to consumers.

NFT2Metaverse is also planning to feature two primary income streams. The first is a subscription for designers that will include them paying monthly fees to use the marketplace. While the second one will consist of collecting revenue from transaction fees on the platform. The platform has already announced that 10% of each transaction will go to the N2M Treasury.

While talking about the unique aspect of NFT2Metaverse, the platform said its profit-sharing model would bring a massive change in the industry. The platform has announced that it will pay 40% of its monthly profit to its NFT holders while incentivizing users to hold NFT. The company believes that this will enable them to earn significant rewards. These rewards will include exclusive benefits from future partners and collaboration on the platform and free giveaways, whitelist placements, and discounts on future collections.

According to the NFTMetaverse website, the platform will offer 5999 NFTs during the PreSale, which is scheduled for June 10th, 2022 2pm CEST. The PRIVATE SALE has already been SOLD OUT.

Users will be able to mint NFTs via Ethereum for 0.15 ETH. For users to join the whitelist, the platform has advised the interested participants to navigate to the official website and submit their wallet address, email, and number of NFTs they wish to purchase.

NFT2Metaverse are working with various partners and they will announce some influencers (each 10million plus followers) that joined the team to make the project even bigger and grow faster.

Roadmap and further plans of NFT2METAVERSE

As per Roadmap 2.0 of NFTMetaverse, the NFTs will be made public after the public sale on OpenSea. In addition, rarity integration is scheduled for Q2 2022. An additional NFT collection with 5000 NFTs is scheduled to drop later in the year in Q3 2022 by NFTMetaverse. Initially, 2000 NFTs will be sold in a presale, followed by a public sale of 3000 NFTs and a rarity reveal. In Q4 2022, the final NFT collection for the NFT2Metaverse is scheduled to be released with only 2500 items. 1000 NFTs will be sold during the private sale, and 1500 will be sold in the public sale.

NFT2Metaverse will build a PaaS platform in the first quarter of 2023 as part of its ecosystem expansion. Moreover, it will purchase LAND in The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Bloktopia, building its Marketplace and Embassy in the three Metaverses. Furthermore, the team will test the public integration of the Metaverse in Q1 2023, onboard 10000 designers, and launch the Metaverse Marketplace.

About NFT2Metaverse     

NFT2Metaverse is a Dutch NFT project that describes itself as the Metaverse marketplace. The project will place its native NFT marketplace in various Metaverses to attract a large audience of designers, traders, and fans, to create a robust ecosystem via its platform. The project aims to tackle the two largest Metaverses, then expand to other virtual worlds.

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