KST Token establishes the promising and instant decentralized crypto asset swapping protocol. In the latest progress, the KST token has risen to 117% in one hour, and the token is streaming live on PancakeSwap.

The awaited Koinswap project token, KST trading, is going live in PancakeSwap. All ICO rounds are completed successfully. More than 750,000 members were waiting for KST trading, and it has started. At the time of writing, KST is trading at $0.06172, almost 165% up from the initial listing price of $0.02.

Users can Swap or Trade a wide range of crypto assets within seconds anywhere, anytime around the world. They can get high APY & APR on their favorite crypto asset. It enables its users to trade easily without the interference of centralized financial systems. Trade, lend, borrow, earn, and more in a growing suite of DeFi products.

The KoinSwap Dex is comprised of several features. It provides Margin Trading where people can easily leverage their trades and open long or short positions with up to 10x leverage. It offers Swapping where the team makes leveraged trading as simple as making a PancakeSwap trade with Lending. People can deposit into the decentralized vault and lend their tokens to earn interest.

Moreover, it also holds Pools for users to stake some tokens to earn with high APR and low risk. The platform also possesses Farms and Liquidity features for earning rewards.

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The Koinswap ecosystem is designed from the ground up to reward participants. KST Pancakeswap trading link is as follows: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xC3589BA9272196190De7aE9175Cfe829945426D7&inputCurrency=0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56

About KoinSwap Trading

KoinSwap Trading is a newly established crypto trading platform in the industry. It provides features like Instant Settlement, AI Matching, Digital Personas, Low Cost, Blockchain Technology, etc. 

In addition, Koinswap tokens will be airdropped to the BSC address used during the presale. Koinswap tokens are based on the BSC network. Users can check their balance in their wallets. All they need to do is to switch the network from ETH to BSC and import the asset using the contract address.

Prospective users and crypto enthusiasts must visit the following links for further information.

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