MOSDEX aims to democratize arbitrage trading for all levels of traders. The platform has even developed institutional arbitrage software in the past and deployed it through the Russian stock exchange.


MOSDEX is implementing its advanced technology to create a dynamic procedure for conducting arbitrage transactions more accurately, securely, and faster. The platform has been around for only a few months but has already laid the groundwork for a disruption in the arbitrage process.


Company representatives said the new solution will initially launch in Bitcoin and USDT. Afterwards, they are going to develop a unique integration for other cryptocurrencies. A lot of arbitrage platforms currently lack a working product with an intuitive UI. With MOSDEX, it is different. The platform has already built and tested out its advanced arbitrage trading software.


The MOSDEX team is composed of experts in machine learning, finance, blockchain engineering, and software development. Most of its focus lies around pushing ahead with the private blockchain era and onboarding more people into cryptocurrency trading. In fact, the Mosdex Arbitrage Staking Program will use a profit-sharing model to enable all network participants to continuously accumulate digital assets and profit from the arbitrage program.


Mosdex has already worked out a solution to eliminate some barriers to entry that keep arbitrage trading away from nontechnical traders. Among these problems include high transaction fees, lack of sufficient liquidity, and front-running.


According to Mosdex, currently, its system supports a flexible arbitrage staking product. The product allows traders to flexibly adjust and optimize their staking yields in proportion using an algorithm model based on asset utilization.


One of the challenges that Mosdex has been attempting to resolve is stabilizing the many different arbitrage values. Mostly, these variables make trading arbitrage difficult and risky at the same time. Over time, the Mosdex development team has been researching these patterns and building a relevant solution. The team believes the setting value has to be different depending on prevailing market conditions. Therefore, the cost model does not come with a bot subscription fee and the platform will only charge a particular fee based on proceeds made through Mosdex. In case a user generates no earnings, the system does not charge anything to the user. This means the platform is building a customer-first mission and they are pretty confident with their technology.


Low-risk gains have also become a thing across cryptocurrencies. Mosdex is a good option to make money by taking low risks. Investors can take part in high-frequency trading using Mosdex. The goal is to focus on slight price differences of a particular asset across several cryptocurrency exchanges. There are also times when volatility is high but the market lacks sufficient liquidity. Such a situation creates profit opportunities due to price discrepancies across multiple exchanges. At times, the price spread could be up by even 5%. Mosdex believes its advanced arbitrage trading software has the ability to relay such opportunities to users and help them make a profit.


Users can stake on Mosdex using either Bitcoin or USDT.  The composition for each item is divided into three items. These items include 90D, 30D, and 14D stakes. Each is according to the staking period and the amount of daily interest. Remember you cannot unlock the accumulated interest and principle before the staking period. However, the system accumulates user profits in real time and avails the balance information to individual user wallets. The user can also withdraw the accumulated profits anytime from the wallet.


MOSDEX says the average arbitrage trader will earn more profits if they choose their platform. The new model it has put in place will incentivize users and help them grow in their trade.

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